12-Year-Old Boy Dies By Suicide After Mother Refuses To Give Him Phone by StuffsEarth

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Upon her return, the mother discovered her son’s body hanging from the ceiling. (Representational)


A 12-year-old boy allegedly ended his life in Raiwind city here after his mother refused to give him a mobile phone, ARY News reported citing police officials.

According to Lahore police, Ayyan pleaded with his mother for the phone, but she declined and left for a neighbour’s house.

Upon her return, she discovered her son’s lifeless body hanging from the ceiling. It appeared that the boy had used a rope tied to a bamboo pole on the wall to take his own life, as reported by ARY News.

Meanwhile, police have launched an investigation into the incident and are gathering evidence from the scene.

This tragic incident follows another recent suicide case in Mughalpura, Lahore, where a 33-year-old female doctor, Bushra Suhail, reportedly took her life following a heated argument with her mother on March 27.

According to her sister Rabia, Bushra locked herself in her room after the argument, and later she was found hanging from a ceiling fan, ARY News reported.

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