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New nanocomposite from papaya peel waste exhibits promising photocatalytic and antibacterial activity by StuffsEarth

A recent study published in the Journal of Biological Resources and Bioproducts introduced carbon quantum dots (CDs) prepared from papaya peel waste, followed by their [Read more about this post…]

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Scientists stencil-paint carbon nanotube components for flexible transparent electronics by StuffsEarth

A mesh-shaped single-walled carbon nanotube film on a substrate (left) could serve either as an optical electrode (top right) for flexible transparent electronics or a [Read more about this post…]

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AWS moves Amazon Bedrock’s AI guardrails, and other features to general availability by StuffsEarth

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is moving some features of its generative AI application-building service, Amazon Bedrock, to general availability, the company said on Tuesday. These [Read more about this post…]