What ultimately happened to the USS Discovery in the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ series finale?

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Over five seasons of “Star Trek: Discoverywe got to know Michael Burnham and the crew of the USS Discovery, but the show’s final scene is reserved for its eponymous starship. In the series finale “Life, Itself“, self-aware computer Zora fires up the spore drive for the final time to embark on one last mission. 

We still have no idea why she’s given a top-secret Red Directive to wait indefinitely at these particular coordinates, but a 2018 “Short Trek” episode “Calypso” has already revealed the next stage of her journey. Here’s what’s in store for Zora and Discovery a millennium down the line — watch out for spoilers. (And if you need a refresher on all things Trek, check out our Star Trek streaming guide for how to watch nearly every series on Paramount Plus.)

What happens to Discovery at the end of season 5?

Admiral Michael Burnham in Star Trek Discovery Season 5, Episode 10 (Image credit: Paramount)

Several decades after the Discovery crew tracked down the Progenitor technology — long enough for Admiral Michael Burnham and Cleveland Booker to see their son, Leto, rise to the rank of Starfleet captain — the ship is assigned one final mission.

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