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Kaylee Gain spent weeks in coma after the assault and suffered fractured skull.

A teenager is showing signs of “significant cognitive impairment” after a fight near her high school last month. Kaylee Gain was critically injured after she was brutally bashed into the pavement during the fight on March 8, leading to skull fracture and brain bleed. Ms Gain, from Missouri, was attacked by a 15-year-old from her school, who was arrested and charged with assault. The attacked repeatedly knocked her head onto the concrete blocks near Hazelwood East High School in Spanish Lake, according to New York Post.

Ms Gain, 16, is repeating herself again and again after waking up from coma, according to her lawyer Bryan Kaemmerer. The teen’s ability to walk is improving but her speech is still limited, he added.

“Kaylee’s ability to walk has slightly improved but she is still unable to do so without the assistance of hospital staff,” Mr Kaemmerer told the Post.

“However, Kaylee is still showing signs of significant cognitive impairment during the limited conversations that she is able to have, and she tends to reiterate the same short sentences over and over,” he said.

Her family said she has “no recollection of the altercation that led to her hospitalisation”.

Talking about the social media posts, Ms Gain’s lawyer said they showed “complete disregard for the well-being of a fellow human being” and argued that the teen, whose identity has not been shared due to her age, should “be tried as an adult”.

New York Post said the attacker is now looking to apologise.

The family had launched a GoFundMe page and raised $440,000 for her through campaign.

Ms Gain’s mother April thanked those who supported the family during difficult times. “She still has an incredibly long journey ahead of her but she is strong. We will update Kaylee’s gofundme’s when we can as changes continue to happen. Thank you again to everybody for your support we are so grateful!” she said in a statement carried by People Magazine.

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