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If you make UPI payments using a credit card, then there is some important information for you. Very soon, you may have to pay a separate fee for using UPI, which may bother you a bit.

Everyone uses UPI payment in India. This is the reason why the number of UPI users is also increasing continuously. But now big information related to this has come to light. Actually, this information can worry those users who use credit cards more for UPI payment. Today we are going to share this information with you.

Rupay Credit Card-

Rupay payment network was introduced by India. That is, it was a completely Indian network which gave tough competition to Visa and Mastercard networks of America. Now big banks are issuing credit cards on this network. Most of the users are also using it. This is the reason why its market share has gone up to 30 percent today.

Will there be a charge?

While talking to Economic Times, experts say that people have now started using credit cards more for big payments. Now because MDR charge is levied on making payment of more than 2 thousand. Now because credit card is being used more, the charge can also be increased. That is, you may have to pay charge even on small payments. But its official information has not been given yet.

Banks are planning-

Banks are still planning for UPI payment with the help of credit card. Because the number of payments made through credit card is continuously increasing. Banks like Bank of Baroda and HDFC are also paying attention to this. This is the reason why focus is being given on Rupay Credit Card. There are also many apps which are promoting UPI payment through credit card. Now in such a situation, it can also be used.

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