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Train Ticket New Rule: Crores of passengers buying general train tickets are going to get a big relief from April 1. Railways has changed its major rules.

Train Ticket New Rule: Every year the new financial year starts from 1st April. Many rules related to your money change from this day. Similarly, from April 1 this year, Railways has also brought such a rule regarding the payment of its general tickets, which is going to provide a lot of relief to crores of people traveling on general tickets in the country. Digital QR code has also been approved for payment of railway general tickets from April 1, through which you can also buy your general train ticket through UPI. This service has started at many railway stations of the country.

Rules changed from April 1

To provide relief to passengers from long crowd at railway stations and taking another step towards Digital India, Railways has decided that now the facility of online tickets will be available at unreserved ticket counters at railway stations also. This service will be started for the people from April 1, 2024.

General ticket will be paid online

In this new service of Railways, people will also be able to make payment through QR code at the ticket counter present at the railway station. In this, payment can be made through major UPI modes like Paytm, Google Pay and Phone Pay.

The common man will benefit

Promotion of digital payment by Railways is going to provide a lot of relief to the people going to buy general tickets at the daily ticket counter. With digital payment through UPI, people will get relief from the problem of loose money. With this, the time spent by the employee present at the ticket counter in matching the cash will be saved. People will get tickets in less time through digital payment, which will also promote complete transparency.

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