Rainfall Alert: There will be rain with thunderstorms in this state till June 21, IMD has issued an alert by StuffsEarth

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Rainfall Alert: The havoc of heat wave is going to end soon. Today and tomorrow i.e. Sunday and Monday, the entire state will be affected by intense heat wave and scorching heat. Its effect will reduce in eastern UP on the 18th. It will rain on the 19th.

Up Weather and Monsoon: The weather department has given good news to the people of UP who are troubled by the scorching heat and heat wave. The weather department has removed the worries of the people about the monsoon. It has said that the havoc of heat wave is going to end soon. Today and tomorrow i.e. Sunday and Monday, the outbreak of intense heat wave and scorching heat will remain in the entire state. On the 18th, there will be intense heat wave in western UP but its effect will be reduced in eastern UP. On the very next day i.e. on June 19, there are chances of thunderstorms and showers in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The wind speed can be 30 to 40 kilometers per hour. There are chances of rain or thundershowers in the entire state on June 20 and 21.

Atul Kumar Singh said that during the next four-five days, conditions are favorable for the advance of southwest monsoon in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, coastal Andhra Pradesh and some more parts of north-western Bay of Bengal and some parts of Gangetic West Bengal, remaining parts of sub-Himalayan West Bengal and some parts of Bihar. The situation regarding the advance of monsoon in Uttar Pradesh will be clear only after it advances in Bihar.

Monsoon is expected to knock in Bihar from eastern UP on June 20. Patna Meteorological Center officially announced the entry of monsoon in the state on Saturday. On June 20, monsoon will enter Bihar from the north-east part. A day before this, i.e. from the evening of June 19, clouds will start appearing. At the same time, from June 20, light to moderate rain will occur in most parts of the state with thunder, lightning and strong winds. Due to the fall in maximum temperature due to rain, people will get relief from the scorching heat. At present, the people of South Bihar will have to bear the brunt of scorching heat for two-three days. However, there will be partial relief from heat in North Bihar.

Favorable conditions for monsoon are rapidly developing in Bihar. At some places in the state, the spread of westerly winds has reduced and easterly winds have intensified. Due to this, people are facing sweaty heat. There is coolness in the strong winds blowing in the evening. This weather is an indication of the arrival of monsoon. Monsoon enters the state via Kishanganj and Purnia. Moderate level rain has been occurring here for the last two days.

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