Manganese Ore (India) Limited Fundamentals

    MOIL Limited takes part in the investigation, double-dealing, and promoting of different grades of manganese metal and worth added items in India. It works through three sections: Mining, Manufacturing, and Power Generation. The organization makes and sells different grades of manganese minerals, for example, high grade metals for the creation of ferro manganese; mid-range grade minerals for the creation of silico manganese; impact heater grade metals for delivering hot metals; and dioxide for dry battery cells and substance ventures. It additionally offers electrolytic manganese dioxide for the production of dry battery cells; ferro manganese; and ferro manganese slag. The organization works 11 mines, incorporating seven mines situated in the Nagpur and Bhandara areas of Maharashtra; and four mines in the Balaghat region of Madhya Pradesh. Moreover, it works wind energy ranches with an introduced limit of 4.8 MW at Nagda Hills and 15.2 MW at Ratedi Hills in Dewas area of Madhya Pradesh. The organization was earlier known as Manganese Ore (India) Limited. MOIL Limited was established in 1896 and is settled in Nagpur, India.

    Business space of the organization 

    The Company is one of the biggest manganese metal makers of the country. 


    The organization creates and sells various grades of Manganese Ore. They are: 

    • High Grade Ores for creation of Ferro manganese 
    • Mid-range grade metal for creation of Silico manganese 
    • Impact heater grade metal needed for creation of hot metal 
    • Dioxide for dry battery cells and synthetic enterprises 



    Corporate Governance CSR Award by Institute of Public Enterprises (IPE), Hyderabad. 

    Public Safety Award for the year 2008 and 2009 from President of India. 

    Locale Highest Sales Tax Payer Award for Balaghat District of Madhya Pradesh for the year 2010-11 

    Execution Excellence Award for the year 2010-11 from Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering (IIIE). 


    Corporate Governance EXCELLENT evaluating 

    Most noteworthy Tax Payers Award for the monetary year 2011-12 by the Government of Madhya Pradesh for the most noteworthy Commercial assessment paid in the Balaghat District for continuously fifth year 


    Gold Awards - CCQC-2014 coordinated by Quality Circle Forum, Nagpur Chapter 

    Silver Trophy in International Convention on Quality Control Circles 2014 (ICQCC-2014) held in Colombo, Sri Lanka 

    Best members of the Bhopal Vigyan Mela-2015 in the PSU class. 


    Two National Energy Conservation grants, for mining areas, first prize for Ukwa dig and second prize for Kandrimine granted by Honorable Energy serve on National Energy Conservation day 2015. 

    Corporate Governance Excellent evaluating by DPE for 2014-15. 


    Corporate Governance - Excellent evaluating by DPE for 2015-16, gotten for this present year. 

    Four prizes in 47th All India Rescue Competition-2016 held at Mines Rescue Station, WCL, Nagpur. 


    Second to none Award in Quality Circle and First Prize in Skit Competition to Tirodi Mine 

    Second to none Award in Quality Circle and First Prize in Model Competition to Ferro Manganese Plant, Balaghat Mine 

    Second to none Award in Quality Circle to IMD Plant, Dongri Buzurg Mine 

    Greatness Award in Quality Circle to EMD Plant, Dongri Buzurg Mine 


    Second to none Award in Quality circle to Avighna Quality Circle Team, ferro managese plant, Balaghat Mine. 

    Best Poster and Best Slogan grant to Panchratna Quality Circle group, Dongri Buzurg mine studio. 

    Greatness grant in Quality Circle to Aman Quality circle group EMD Plant, Dongri Buzurg mine, Parakh Quality circle group, Tirodi mine and Pancharatna Quality circle group, Dongri Buzurg mine studio. 


    MOIL has stowed second prize for Best Rescue and Recovery group grant in The 50th All India Mines Rescue Competition. 

    MOIL stowed ''Best Growth Performance Award'' in Mineral and Metals class at Dun and Bradstreet PSU grant 2019. 

    MOIL has additionally sacked ''HR Excellence Award'' for the imaginative and steady HR rehearses. 


    • 1962: Incorporation of the Company 
    • 1962: Transfer of digging leases for manganese metal over the Nagpur, Dongri Buzurg and different regions, consumable stores and other fixed resources from CPMO according to the 1962 Agreement. 
    • 1977: Transfer of whole stake by CPMO to Government of India and Company turned into a 100% Government claimed organization 
    • 1977: Transfer of the Heavy Media Separation Plant situated at the Belapur-Hamesha mine and other consumable stores and extras from CPMO in accordance with the 1977 Agreement. 
    • 1991: Set up Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide Plant ("EMD") at Dongri Buzurg mine. 
    • 1998: Set up High Carbon Ferro Manganese plant with limit of 10,000 TPA at Balaghat mine. 
    • 2001: Set up coordinated Manganese Beneficiation Plant at Dongri Buzurg mine. 
    • 2006: Wind ranch with power age limit of 4.8MW appointed. 
    • 2007: Achieved yearly creation of 1mn tones. 
    • 2007: Company moved to its present corporate office at 'MOIL Bhavan' at 1-A, Katol Road, Nagpur. 
    • 2007: Set up coordinated Manganese Beneficiation Plant at Balaghat mines with limit of 0.5mn TPA. 
    • 2008: Second wind ranch with power age limit of 15.2 MW appointed. 
    • 2008: 'Smaller than expected Ratna - Category - I' status gave. 
    • 2008: Incorporated 50:50 Joint Venture organization 'SAIL and MOIL Ferro Alloys Private Ltd' with SAIL to produce ferro amalgams at Bhilai (C.G.). 
    • 2009: Equity Shares of the Company split from Rs 100 for each offer to Rs 10 for every offer. 
    • 2009: Issue of Bonus Shares in the proportion 1:5 
    • 2009: Achieved yearly turnover of more than Rs. 1000 mn 
    • 2009: Incorporated 50:50 Joint Venture organization 'RINMOIL Ferro Alloys Private Ltd' with Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL) to fabricate ferro combinations at Vizag (AP). 
    • 2010: Change for the sake of the Company to MOIL Limited. 
    • 2013: MOIL gets prospecting permit from Maharashtra govt over 597.44 hectares of region. 
    • 2013: MOIL has allocated Rs 250 crore speculation for directing geophysical examinations and exploratory boring on 597 sections of land of region in Maharashtra. The organization would use the previously mentioned region for development of existing mines and would open four mines. 
    • 2013: Moil gets govt endorsement on digging lease for manganese metal from the Ministry of Mines, Government of India. 
    • 2014: The award of Prospecting License (PL) by Government of Maharashtra over a space of 597.44 hectares in Nagpur and Bhandara areas of Maharashtra have now been executed and enrolled. 
    • 2015: Approval of natural freedom for acquisition of land for new mine 
    • 2016: MOIL has marked a MoU with Government of Madhya Pradesh. 
    • 2017: 4 Mines of MOIL got 5 Star Rating Award under Sustainable Development during National Conclave on Mines and Minerals 
    • 2018-19: Started another mine arranged at Parsoda in Nagpur locale. 
    • 2020: MOIL has gotten Environmental Clearance for improvement of creation limit from 90,000 TPA to 2,03,200 TPA.

    Manganese Ore (India) Limited Stock Price Analysis and Quick Research Report

    Let’s scrutinize however MOIL is acting and if it's the proper time to buy the stock of MOIL with careful analysis.

    PE ratio: - Price to Earnings' ratio, which indicates for every rupee of earnings how much an investor is willing to pay for a share. A general rule of thumb is that shares trading at a low P/E are undervalued (it depends on other factors too). MOIL has a PE ratio of 22.75 which is high and comparatively overvalued .

    Return on Assets (ROA): - Return on Assets measures how effectively a company can earn a return on its investment in assets. In other words, ROA shows how efficiently a company can convert the money used to purchase assets into net income or profits. MOIL has ROA of 7.22 % which is a bad sign for future performance. (higher values are always desirable)

    Current ratio: - The current ratio measures a company's ability to pay its short-term liabilities with its short-term assets. A higher current ratio is desirable so that the company could be stable to unexpected bumps in business and economy. MOIL has a Current ratio of 4.53 .

    Return on equity: - ROE measures the ability of a firm to generate profits from its shareholders investments in the company. In other words, the return on equity ratio shows how much profit each rupee of common stockholders’ equity generates. MOIL has a ROE of 8.49 % .(higher is better)

    Debt to equity ratio: - It is a good metric to check out the capital structure along with its performance. MOIL has a D/E ratio of 0 which means that the company has low proportion of debt in its capital.

    Inventory turnover ratio: - Inventory Turnover ratio is an activity ratio and is a tool to evaluate the liquidity of a company's inventory. It measures how many times a company has sold and replaced its inventory during a certain period of time. MOIL has an Inventory turnover ratio of 7.40 which shows that the management is inefficient in relation to its Inventory and working capital management.

    Sales growth: - MOIL has reported revenue growth of -27.95 % which is poor in relation to its growth and performance.

    Operating Margin: - This will tell you about the operational efficiency of the company. The operating margin of MOIL for the current financial year is 24.62 %.

    Dividend Yield: - It tells us how much dividend we will receive in relation to the price of the stock. The current year dividend for MOIL is Rs 6 and the yield is 4.37 %.


    MOIL Mini Live Chart


    MOIL Technical 

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