IDFC First Bank Limited Fundamentals

    IDFC First Bank Limited gives different banking and monetary items and administrations to corporates, people, global organizations, SMEs/business visionaries, monetary foundations, and the public authority in India. It works through Treasury, Corporate and Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking, and Other Banking Business sections. It gives reserve funds, corporate compensation, current, and business accounts; fixed and repeating stores; charge, credit, and pre-loaded cards; and installment administrations. The organization additionally offers individual, shopper sturdy, home, vehicle, bike, gear hypothecation, business, working capital, business, expert, term, and miniature endeavor advances, just as advance against property and credits for ladies. Likewise, it gives corporate connected money items, including deals charge/buy charge/receipt limiting, merchant finance, seller money, and calculating/receivables buy; depository and capital market administrations; and exchange money and administrations containing import-send out arrangements, bank ensures, settlements, and so on Further, the organization offers speculation administrations comprising of common assets, gold securities, demat and exchanging record, and venture connected protection arrangements; term, wellbeing, engine, home, travel, business, and pradhan mantri protection items, just as reserve funds and annuity plans; and portable, Internet banking, and client care administrations. Also, IDFC First Bank Limited gives cash the board administrations; venture banking administrations; and speculation the executives arrangements. As of March 31, 2021, it worked 596 bank obligation branches, 151 resource branches, 592 ATMs and 85 recyclers and 655 rustic business reporters. The organization was in the past known as IDFC Bank Limited and changed its name to IDFC First Bank Limited in January 2019. IDFC First Bank Limited was fused in 2014 and is situated in Mumbai, India.

    Business space of the organization 

    The business space of the bank is partitioned into different sections: Treasury, Corporate/Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking Business and Other Banking Business. These portions have been recognized and revealed considering, the objective client section, the idea of items, inner business announcing framework, move estimating strategy endorsed by Asset Liability Committee (ALCO).


    The depository section fundamentally comprises of Bank's venture portfolio, currency market getting and loaning, speculation activities and whole unfamiliar trade and subsidiary arrangement of the Bank. Income of depository section comprise of revenue pay on venture portfolio, entomb fragment income, gains or misfortunes from exchanging activities, exchanges and capital market bargains. The chief costs comprises of interest costs from outside sources and on reserves acquired from bury portions, premises costs, faculty cost, direct and apportioned overheads. 

    Corporate/Wholesale Banking

    The discount banking fragment gives advances, non-reserve offices and exchange administrations to corporate relationship excluded under Retail Banking, and partnership. Incomes of the discount banking fragment comprises of revenue acquired on advances to clients, entomb portion income, premium/charges procured on exchange administrations, profit from exchange administrations, expenses on customer FX and subsidiary and other non-reserve offices. The chief costs of the portion comprises of interest cost on reserves acquired from interior sections, premises costs, staff costs, other direct overheads and allotted costs of conveyance channels, and care groups. 

    Retail Banking

    Retail Banking establishes loaning to people/business banking clients through the branch organization and other conveyance channels subject to the direction, nature of item, granularity of the openness and the quantum thereof. Incomes of the retail banking section are gotten from revenue procured on retail credits, entomb portion income and charges from administrations delivered, expenses on customer FX and subsidiary. Costs of this section basically involve interest cost on stores and assets acquired from entomb portions, commission paid to retail resources deals specialists, framework and premises costs for working the branch organization and other conveyance channels, faculty costs, other direct overheads and designated and support gatherings. 

    Other Banking Business

    This portion incorporates income from dispersion of outsider items. 

    Items and administrations of the bank 

    • Discount Banking 
    • Abundance Management 

    Individual Banking 

    • Investment account 
    • Stores 
    • Credits 
    • Speculation 
    • Protection 
    • Approaches to Bank 
    • Installments 
    • Cards 
    • Forex 

    Business Banking 

    • Records and Deposits 
    • Money Management Services 
    • Credits 
    • Business Investment Solutions 
    • Exchange Forex Services 
    • Approaches to Bank 
    • Cards 


    • Most Promising New Bank in India 2019 by Capital Finance International (CFI). 
    • CNBC Awaaz Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 2019. 
    • Esteemed Brands of India 2020 by Herald Global and BARC Asia. 



    IDFC First Bank, Bajaj Finance and Vivo have gone into organization to postpone seller charges paid by retailers for selling gadgets under portion plans. 

    IDFC FIRST Bank has opened its MBA Scholarship program for the bunch of 2020-2022, as a component of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

    IDFC First Bank has dispatched video KYC office so clients can open investment accounts without the need to visit a branch office.

    IDFC First Bank Limited Stock Price Analysis and Quick Research Report

    Let’s scrutinize however IDFCFIRSTB is acting and if it's the proper time to buy the stock of IDFCFIRSTB with careful analysis.

    • For Banking companies, The primary source of Income is interest earned on various loans given to individuals and corporates. IDFC First Bank has earned Rs 15,867.31 Cr. revenue in the latest financial year. It has posted outstanding revenue growth of 22.97 % in last 3 Years.
    • In terms of advances, the bank reported -0.82 % YOY,  fall . If you see 3 years advance growth, it stands at 24.45 %.
    • Currently the company has a CASA ratio of 32.16 %. It’s overall cost of liability stands at 8.35 %. Also, the total deposits from these accounts stood at Rs 88,688.42 Cr.
    • The Bank has a Poor ROA track record. The ROA of IDFC First Bank is at -1.81 %.
    • The Lender is efficiently  managing it’s overall asset portfolio. The Gross NPA and Net NPA stood at 2.60 % and 0.94 % respectively as on the latest financial year.
    • One other important measure of banks’ financial health is provisioning coverage ratio. The YoY change in provision and contingencies is positive at 195.64 % which means it has increased from the previous year.
    • Non-Interest income or other incomes are very important for banks as it gives a regular source of income for bank with no additional risk. Other income of IDFC First Bank surged and is currently at Rs 1,722.16 Cr.
    • The company has a Good Capital Adequacy Ratio of 13.38 .
    • The best metric which provides insights about bank’s valuation is P/B ratio. Currently IDFC First Bank is trading at a P/B of 1.42 . The historical average PB was 1.15.


    IDFCFIRSTB Mini Live Chart


    IDFCFIRSTB Technical 

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