Bajaj Finance Limited  Fundamentals

    Bajaj Finance Limited operates in India as a non-banking  financial company independent of banks. The company provides consumer products, lifestyle, life care, digital products, two- and three-wheelers, developers, used cars, medical equipment, suppliers, lighting, specialty chemicals, financial institutions, and corporate sectors. And warehousing financing services; financing for initial public offerings and margin transactions, trading accounts, custody and retail brokerage services; personal, gold, housing, commercial, labor, secured commercial and professional loans; and loans for fixed deposits, stocks, real estate and stocks . It also provides life insurance, general and health insurance, and pocket insurance products; discounted rent, e-commerce, and extended warranty; financial eligibility reports; and EMI cards and credit cards and shared investment portfolios and investment services, such as system deposit plans, fixed-term and fixed-term Deposits and investment funds. The company was formerly known as Bajaj Auto Finance Limited and was renamed Bajaj Finance Limited in September 2010. The company was founded in and is headquartered in Pune, India. Bajaj Finance Limited is a subsidiary of Bajaj Finserv Limited.

    Business area of the Company

    Bajaj Finance is one of the largest players in India's growing consumer finance sector and a pioneer in introducing interest-free EMI financing solutions in many categories from consumer staples to daily necessities and groceries. Provide credit for small and medium-sized enterprises, businesses and rural areas. The company has invested heavily in application programming interfaces (APIs) to integrate custom applications with customer-facing interfaces (such as web portals, application infrastructure, and BOTS) into a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) infrastructure Supported microservice architecture.

    Services Offered are as Follow:

    Consumer Finance

    • Durable Finance
    • lifestyle Finance
    • Digital Product Finance
    • EMI automotived
    • Two & three Wheeler Finance
    • Consumer loan
    • Loan against FD
    • Extended guarantee
    • Gold Loan
    • Consumer credit
    • Retail EMI
    • Distributer Finance
    • E-commerce
    • Co-branded credit card
    • Co-branded wallet

    SME Finance

    • Home Loan
    • Loan against Property
    • Gold Loan
    • Lease rental discounting
    • Business Loan
    • Loan Against Shares
    • Professional Loan
    • Working Capital Loans
    • Developer Finance
    • Used Car Finance

    Commercial Lending

    • Vendor Financing
    • Large Value Lease Rental Discounting
    • Loans against Securities
    • Financial Institutions Lending
    • Light Engineering Finance
    • Corporate Finance
    • Warehouse Financing


    • Mutual Funds
    • Fixed Deposit


    2015-16: BFL won TISS LeapVault CLO Award in Best Virtual Learning Program category.
    BFL has been ranked 16th among the top 25 best places to work in Asia by the Great Place to Work Institute.
    BFL has been recognised as one of the Best Employers in India, for the third year in a row in the AON Hewitt Best Employers Study, 2016.

    2016-17: BFL’s Human Resource department won this award in the Best Simulation Based Program category for its ‘Super Manager Studio Online and Offline Training Program.
    The company’s Audit Committee was awarded the ‘Best Audit Committee Award 2016’ by the Asian Centre for Corporate Governance and Sustainability at the 4th Asia Business Responsibility Summit.

    2017-18: Featured among the ‘Top 18 Best Employers in India’, 2017 by Aon Hewitt.
    India’s Best Companies to work for 2017, by the ‘Great Places to Work’.
    Awarded ‘India''s Leading NBFC - Other than Infrastructure Financing’ by Dun and Bradstreet.
    Awarded ‘Best NBFC of the Year 2017’ by Outlook Money for value proposition and innovations.
    The Mint Corporate Strategy Award, recognizing excellence in corporate governance.
    Ranked amongst Top 25 Best Large Workplaces in Asia, 2018, by the ‘Great Places to Work.

    2018-19: Featured amongst the ‘Best Employers in India’, 2017 by Aon Hewitt.
    ‘Outstanding Company of the Year’ at CNBC Indian Business Leader Awards to Bajaj Finance.
    Ranked 9th amongst ''Top 25 Best Large Workplaces in Asia'', 2019, by ‘Great Places to Work’ institute.

    2019-20: Ranked among the Top 25 Best Large Workplaces in Asia, 2019, (Rank 9) by the ‘Great Places to Work’ Institute.
    Recognised among organisations having more than 10,000 employees by the ‘Great Place to Work’ Institute.
    India’s Best Companies to Work for 2019, by the ‘Great Place to Work’ Institute.
    Featured among the ‘Best Employers in India’, 2019, by Aon Hewitt. 
    FE India’s Best Banks Awards–Best NBFC of the Year 2017-18, for Bajaj Finance.
    Economic Times Awards for Corporate Excellence-Company of the Year for BFL.

    Bajaj Finance Limited  Stock Price Analysis and Quick Research Report

    Let’s scrutinize however BAJFINANCE is acting and if it's the proper time to buy the stock of  BAJFINANCE with careful analysis.

    Profitability: profit margin (PAT margin) of the corporate shows how well a corporation controls its cost. it's one in all the necessary indicators to point out the monetary health of the company. earnings of the company is Rs three,955.51 metallic element and also the combined growth of profit within the past 3 years is 16.77 %. The PAT margin of Bajaj Finance is 16.80 %.

    EPS growth: Investors ought to make sure the EPS figure is growing quicker than revenue numbers as a result of it indicates company management is increasing the potency with that it runs the company. In Bajaj Finance , the EPS #if( -19.19 > 0) then "grew" else "declined";# by -19.19 percent YOY.

    Return on Equity (ROE): the corporate features a #if( 11.77 >= 20) then "healthy" elseif( 11.77 < 20>=10) then "average" else "poor";# ROE track record. The ROE of Bajaj Finance is at 11.77 % for the most recent year.

    P/E Ratio: Relative valuation metrics just like the P/E ratio may be wont to see if the stock of Bajaj Finance is value at this levels at Rs $PRICE_Y_1$. The stock is commerce at a current P/E quantitative relation of 78.31 and also the average historical P/E for the last five years was 45.27.

    P/B ratio:  May be one in all the most effective metrics to value such companies. Currently, Bajaj Finance is commerce at a P/B of 10.83 . the typical historical P/B for the last 5 years was 7.01. this will be compared with the market value per share so as to understand if the stock is undervalued or overvalued.

    BAJFINANCE Mini Live Chart

    BAJFINANCE Technicals 

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