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IndiGo Airline said in a statement on Wednesday that the airline has launched a new facility aimed at enhancing the travel experience of women passengers.

IndiGo New Feature: The country’s largest domestic airline company IndiGo has introduced a new facility for women passengers, with the help of which they will get special benefits at the time of ticket booking. Through this new facility, women passengers can know about the seats booked by other women passengers at the time of web check-in, with the help of which they can book their seat next to a woman and spend their journey comfortably.

IndiGo Airline said in a statement on Wednesday that the airline has launched a new facility aimed at making the travel experience of women passengers even better.

Only women passengers will get the facility

According to IndiGo’s statement, “It has been launched based on market research. It is currently in the pilot phase in line with our #GirlPower principle. This feature provides visibility of seats booked by women passengers only during web check-in. It is specially designed for women passengers for their PNR (Passenger Name Record) as part of bookings, both individually as well as with family.”

80 lakh people travelled in April

According to official figures, IndiGo is the country’s largest domestic airline. Its market share is more than 60 percent. In April, 80 lakh passengers took IndiGo’s services.

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