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A Hamas official has revealed how he is trying to convince his leaders to end the war with Israel as Gaza continues to be hit by devastating strikes.

In a message shared with the Daily Express, the anonymous official says he wants a “two-state solution based on the United Nations Charter and its laws.”

The message in full reads: “I am searching and trying to find a way to put pressure on ending the war in a way that ensures an end to the killing and destruction on both sides and the restoration of life according to the two-state solution based on the United Nations Charter and its laws.

“We are now in the tent in the intense heat and with bombardment scattered around us from land, sea and air, and we are exposed to death every second.

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“We hope that this war will end soon, to stop the killing and destruction, that prisoners from the parties will return, and that people will live in security and without aggression in peaceful countries that are viable for their people.”

The message was sent to Gershon Baskin, an Israeli peace negotiator who has been in contact with Hamas since 2006.

It comes as Israel continues its military operations in Gaza, where over 37,000 people have been killed.

Israel’s military has been trying to “destroy Hamas” after the group’s October 7 terror attack, where 1,200 Israelis were killed and hostages were taken.

Hamas and Israel are still engaging in ceasefire talks, but sticking points remain.

The key disagreement is how to move from an initial temporary truce in the deal’s first phase to a permanent cease-fire that includes an end to the fighting and full withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza.

There are signs of division in Israel after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly rebuked IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari.

He said earlier this week: “Hamas is an idea. Those who think it can be made to disappear are wrong.”

But Netanyahu said the IDF has an “obligation” to destroy Hamas.

His office said Israel’s security cabinet “has defined the destruction of Hamas’ military and governing capabilities” as one of the aims of its war in Gaza.

They added: “The IDF, of course, is committed to this.”

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