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The United Nations says about one million people have been displaced from Rafah since early May, when Israel began ground operations in pursuit of Hamas militants. File
| Photo Credit: AP

Israel bombed and shelled Gaza on Saturday, witnesses and first responders said, with fallout from the war bringing a resurgence of tensions to the Lebanon border and Yemen.

In the ninth month of war between Palestinian Hamas militants and Israeli forces, the Civil Defence agency in Gaza City reported 10 bodies recovered from Israeli strikes on three separate homes.

In Rafah witnesses reported clashes between militants and Israeli troops in the city’s west, and artillery fire towards a refugee camp in the city centre.

Fears of a broader West Asia conflict have surged again, with Lebanon-based Hezbollah fighters, who are backed by Iran and allied with Hamas, launching waves of rockets and drones against Israeli military targets.

Hezbollah said intense strikes since Wednesday were retaliation for Israel’s killing of one of its commanders.

Israeli forces responded with shelling, the military said, also announcing air strikes on Hezbollah infrastructure across the border.

The fallout from the Gaza war also escalated this week off Yemen.

On Friday the U.S. military said it destroyed two unmanned surface vessels in the Red Sea belonging to Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels, as well as one drone and seven radars that allowed the rebels to target ships.

In Rafah’s west, militants and Israeli troops clashed while artillery fire struck a refugee camp

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