Diljit Dosanjh BREAKS Silence On His First Love Amid Marriage Rumours: ‘Mera Pehla Pyaar Toh…’ by StuffsEarth

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Diljit Dosanjh talks about his ‘first love.’

Diljit Dosanjh has been fiercely protective about his personal life. The singer is rumoured to be married.

Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh opened up about his ‘first love’ in a recent podcast. The Crew actor is very secretive about his personal life. While there are rumours doing the rounds that he is married and even has a child from the marriage, Diljit has chosen to not address the rumours. So when he was asked about his first love, Diljit tactfully picked his own name.

“I love myself bro. I love myself like crazy, main apne aap nu bahut pyaar karda. Toh mujhe lagta hai pehla pyaar toh main hi hoon mera (laughs). Mera pehla pyaar main hi hoon (I love myself a lot, I believe I am my own first first love),” Diljit said, in an interview with Figuring Out podcast.

When asked his take on selfless love, Diljit said, “Chalo rakhi jao fir (laughs). I believe in first loving yourself before loving others. Take care of yourself first. If you are not loved and taken care of first, how will you give that love to someone else?”

In the podcast, Diljit was also asked his take on modern love vs old school love. Diljit said that love has been evolving with changing times. “There used to be Doordarshan before, it was the only channel we had. Now, there are so many channels. Similarly, food preferences have changed, conversations have changed, era has changed,” he said.

When asked if he also believes in a checklist for his partner, Diljit replied, “I feel we should love ourself first. When an aircraft also experiences turbulence, you are asked to help yourself before helping others. Similarly, love yourself. If a person cannot love themselves, they cannot love or respect anyone else. It is important to love yourself first. People should try and prioritise their own well-being first.”

All eyes went on Diljit’s love life when an unnamed friend claimed Diljit has a wife and child in a profile piece done by Indian Express for their section, Sunday Express Eye. The friend has claimed that the Punjabi singer’s wife is an Indian-American and they share a son. “An intensely private person, little is known about his family but friends say his wife is an American-Indian and they have a son, and his parents live in Ludhiana,” the profile piece mentioned. The report also claims that his wife and son live in the US.

In 2019, Kiara Advani also seemingly hinted that Diljit had a child during the interviews of Good Newzz. Meanwhile, Diljit has had a memorable year. He’s making the headlines for back-to-back sold out shows, two hit films — Crew and Amar Singh Chamkila — and is set to appear on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The singer revealed he will be performing on the show.

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