Babylon.js web rendering engine gets 3D enhancements by StuffsEarth

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The latest version of the web rendering engine Babylon.js has arrived with performance and rendering enhancements to support 3D capabilities and more.

Version 7.0 of the rendering and game engine was announced on March 28. Directions for getting started with Babylon.js can be found on GitHub.

Procedural geometry in version 7.0, also called Node Geometry, lets users create complex geometry at runtime or build time. This removes the need to download large 3D assets. Instead, local machines or devices can use the CPU to create these assets.

Also featured in Babylon.js 7.0 is support for basic global illumination. This feature lets Babylon.js users render more lifelike experiences by allowing light and shadows to bounce around environments in a way that is similar to real life. Other capabilities featured in Babylon.js 7.0 include:

  • Gaussian splatting: A technique to display volumetric data using neural radiance fields, point clouds, and billboards. The capability lets users display the “real world” with visual fidelity and performance.
  • Ragdoll physics: Allows any skeletal rigged asset to collapse and flop around with limp lifelessness via the push of a button.
  • Support for the WebXR specification: Used for creating immersive web experiences. Version 7.0 adds support for WebXR features including full-screen GUI, world scale, anti-aliased multiviews, touchable UI elements, and the ability to use hands and controllers simultaneously.
  • Advanced animation system updates: Adding the ability to blend animation groups and mask specific portions of animations so creators can fine-tune an experience.
  • Full support for Apple’s Vision Pro: Used for blending real and virtual worlds.
  • Advanced animation system updates: For real-time animations.
  • An MMD support community extension: Enables importing of 3D assets and animations from MikuMikuDance.

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