How to earn from Upstox? Find out the complete details.

How to earn from Upstox?

Upstox runs a Partner Program where you can become a sub-broker and start referring customers from your network and outside, and earn commissions when they trade. 

There are 2 ways to earn with Upstox in this program-

  1. Earn incentives through referrals, the more you refer the more you earn.
  2. Get a share of the brokerage from each trade your referred client makes.

Who is Eligible?
  1. Any individual or company can become a Upstox partner.
  2. No need for physical office or infrastructure.
  3. Website, YouTube channel, Blog, etc. owners can also become a partner.
  4. Only brokerage earnings are shared. Earnings from other sources i.e. Demat AMC, Demat Charges, Transaction Charges, Interest earning, software charges, etc. are not shared with a partner/referrer.
  5. Partners get absolute freedom. 
  6. No targets and no sells-pressure.
  7. Excellent online partner portal to track your earnings and manage your clients.

Open your Upstox demat account now by clicking the link below.👀

Why Upstox mostly loved by professional Traders?

There are trillions of rupees of wealth in India, lying in unproductive assets, losing value over time. Upstox will help millions of Indians do better with their wealth.

  1. Upstox will help them participate confidently in the public markets and build generational wealth through the power of compounding.
  2. Upstox will help them invest by providing the right financial education to make the right investment decisions at the right time.
  3. Upstox will do this through a seamless digital platform that will bring together the best of cutting-edge technology, intuitive design, ease and safety.

What is the History of Upstox?

Upstox have been in the business of building wealth for our customers for over a decade. Ravi, Shrini and Raghu had spent most of their lives in the United States where they had started multiple companies together. One of their annual family trips to India in 2009 turned into a life changing moment when they saw the tremendous potential in the Indian market - back then, the equity market participation in India was just 2%.

So Upstox was born in 2009 (then known as RKSV) in a small apartment in Delhi, serving a small cohort of customers, helping them grow their investments in the public markets. Upstox then moved to Mumbai, and momentum grew. Thousands of customers joined us purely through word of mouth. Kavitha joined the team a few years into our journey and supercharged our growth, strategy, finance and operations. This was the beginning of our exponential scaling.

Upstox kept innovating at the cutting edge of fintech, even before fintech was a thing! Upstox were the first in the industry to launch unlimited trading plans at a fixed price.

Another first was going completely paperless for our onboarding back in 2016. Thanks to the ‘financial superhighway’ innovation of the government (the push for digital identity via Aadhar and eKYC and the push for digital payments), our scale grew by orders of magnitude.

Upstox expanded our proposition from India to Bharat, with 70% of our new users coming from Tier 2 / 3 markets. This exponential growth came because of reducing barriers to entry to all customers. In 2021Upstox took this rocketship to the moon with our partnership with the Indian Premier League (IPL). 

In 2020, Upstoxhad crossed a cumulative number of a million customers, and in 2021Upstox added the same number in a single month! Our first nationwide partnership with the world’s largest cricketing league along with our mass media campaign made us a household brand across the country.

Upstox are just getting started, and Upstox will continue to build for every Indian’s prosperity.

Upstox is backed by marquee investors like Mr. Ratan Tata, Tiger Global Management & Kalaari Capital


1 Cr+
Happy Investors
Avg. App Rating
₹60k Cr+

Awards -

Highest number of Demat Accounts in a single month by CDSL in October 2021

Best innovation in wealth management in 2020

Highest number of accounts in a single month by a broker in (2019, 2020)

Most promising broking house of the year by MCX in 2019

Why should you choose Upstox as your Income Source?

Upstox trading platform is India’s leading brokerage company that offers discount broker, equity and commodity trading solutions. If Mr. Ratan Tata has invested in the Upstox trading platform, then you can guess the popularity of the platform as well as the quality of its trading solutions.

Upstox India is a unique platform that offers BSE, MCX and NSE trading services for the lowest cost and has more than 1 Lakh active Demat accounts. This is because Upstox has an easy to use and reliable platform that is fully transparent.

There are several trading platforms out there that initially offer easy plans with various investment benefits to attract users only to reveal hidden terms and conditions once users turn into customers. 
Upstox is not one such platform. It is very easy to open an account with Upstox and use their products and services. There is no paperwork involved, all document verification is done online.

If you are a share market trading or Mutual fund investment enthusiast, then you will be looking for a platform in which you can complete the entire process at the same place. While there are several such platforms available online, why is 
Upstox better than others? Please read on to know why.

Screenshot as Proof!

How to earn from Upstox?

Our Research for Upstox Review & Rating

Whenever customers go for an online purchase, be it a product or an investment, first and foremost they look at the reviews for the product or plan and decide to or not to shell out their hard-earned money. In this context, Upstox is the best online discount brokerage app that has over 30000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating.

What are the Better Services of Upstox?

It is very important for all online service & support providers who offer trading, Demat and mutual fund plans to have the best in class customer support. Also, they are expected to use a fast and reliable server as finance-related servers go down often and customers face problems.

Upstox's customer support is world class and there is no risk of server going down as their server downtime is nearly 0.

Low Brokerage Charges

With other platforms, if you share trade, there are charges for holding a share. It is not the case with Upstox where even if you buy a share for a day, you pay 0 equity charges.

Full Online Services

When you want to share a trade, other platforms require you to submit paper documents offline and also demand Power Of Attorney (POA). With 
Upstox, it is up to you to submit documents, however you get open access to full trading document.

IMPORTANT:  If you have already opened the Upstox Account with our given link above. We will be happy to assist you further application process, even if you are stuck in between please contact us with below details:

Mob: +9182801 40873

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