2 best Intraday tips for tomorrow NSE | Day trading Guide

2 best Intraday tips for tomorrow NSE | Day trading Guide | 22-September-2021-STUFFSEARTH

    Day Trading Guide for Tuesday

    The benchmark record Nifty50 turned around to end in the green on Tuesday with gains of 165 points following two meetings of benefit booking and a delicate opening as bulls safeguarded the 17,300 support zone. Nonetheless, on the potential gain, it will confront opposition at the 17,600-17,630 zone and inability to break out past this obstacle can trigger benefit booking, hauling the Index lower to 17,450-17,350 levels. 

    On the other side, a supported exchange over 17,630 can stretch out the increases to 17,700-17,800 levels. Further, specialized pointer RSI has turned upwards in the wake of shaping a positive uniqueness on a more limited time period outline, showing a potential test at 17,630 in the coming meeting.  Also, dealers ought to be careful as business sectors will stay uneven and unpredictable and episodes of benefit booking can't be precluded as India VIX has seen a reach shift over the 16-level. After understanding completely about Indian stock market we will take buy and sell positions as per the levels. 

    Indian Stock Market Update on 21-Sep-2021


    Today's Live Global Market Update


    FII/FPI & DII trading activity on NSE, BSE and MSEI

    FII/DII Trading Activity in '' Crores



    Buy Value

    Sell Value

    Net Value











    Intraday Stocks for 22-Sep-2021








    TARGET 1



    TARGET 2



    TARGET 3



    TARGET 4



    TARGET 5












    TARGET 1



    TARGET 2



    TARGET 3



    TARGET 4



    TARGET 5





    How to Trail your Stoploss?

    This is a secret part for a Professional trader to book Partial Profits frequently or Trailing Stop loss Profits. The Best Part of this Strategy is that it will always end up with Consistent Profits rather than taking a big loss.

    👍Let's Understand this Concept with an example :-

    ✔️Suppose One of our above trade is activated @42 where Target 1 - @ 45 , Target 2 - @ 47 , Target 3 - @49, Target 4 - @51 & Stoploss - @ 39 However if the First target reaches  Target 1- @45  Book 50% Profit of your Quantity Example:-  Out of 100 book 50 Quantity as at the Moment Profits and Rest 50 Quantity trail to just below the Target 1, Around @43.
    and you can also book 75 Quantity or You can book full if your Quantity Amount is too big. It actually depends on your Greed or you can say Patience Power. In second scenario if Buy/sell price jumps then you can also take that trade & best part of it is that target and Stop loss will be same ! Avoid Big Gap Up/Down (like 1%) Opening if its Near Target 1 for buy/sell side. Suppose If It's a Big Gap Up opening then wait for the Sell Side Trade!  Same goes for the Gap Down Opening then wait for the Buy Side Trade! 

    Precautions For Intraday

    ✔️After  taking any positions from the given trade above always Trail your Stoploss to cost if it moves to the direction of the buy/sell target so trail your Stoploss to cost . What will be the price  if you don't know how to trail? Then here is an example suppose I gave a buy position to buy a stock @503 and stoploss @501  if it moves upward above @505  or the difference between  the buying price and the stoploss price just substract it like (503-501= 2) so now your trailing stoploss came to your buying price likewise If it moves of  2 points Upwards Trail your stoploss just below 2 Points & exactly same goes for the Sell Side.

    ✔️ However if Your Stop loss got Hit after taking a particular stock's trade then take the next trade on or after 9:30am Still Missed the Opportunity then Take the Position After 12:15pm

    ✔️Always Check Market Depth for Buying & Selling Quantity for better knowledge & it will also help you if their is any institutional traps or operator traps !! For example If one of our trade activated on buy side but market depth is showing selling pressure with high quantity for selling so simply it's a trap and wait for Sell side entry. 

    ✔️ Stock Market always demands a sacrifice & here sacrifice means money,  it also takes Time, Efforts, Patience, Study, Hard Work & Knowledge to make sure the Worthiest One can take profit & Remaining the rest is your luck. 


    Open Free Demat Account

    Without Demat account, you are not permitted to take trade on the Indian securities exchange whether it's NSE or BSE, however you can make an online Demat account may represent free for certain brokers and some might charge an ostensible expense to open a Demat account just by sitting at home and furthermore remember to utilize our external referral link since we have collaborated together with as partners with them, so you will get a greater number of limits than a standard typical demat account that you might make straight forwardly from their website. India's No1 Brokers accessible underneath to open your Demat account and begin trade rapidly in a matter of seconds!


    Thanks a lot for viewing this Post! We Hope this above Paragraph can help you to take Perfect entry please Comment below if you need any help regarding to the Intraday. we will also update about our targets in the below comment section. If you got any Suggestions/Opinions feel free to drop a comment below! We Provide live support for every calls on our website and telegram channel (Stuffsearth). Here You Can only find Quality Intraday, Option & Positional Calls for Equity & Bank Nifty . If you are Interested you can also join us for free of cost & we do not charge a single penny from you. Please Feel free to join our Channel & see for yourself what we do their!


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    1. Let's Talk about 22-Sep-2021 Intraday Performance:

      1. TATASTEEL: Buy side almost Target 3 @1318 & Sell Side Trailing Stoploss with small profit Achieved ✔️

      2. SUNPHARMA : Made High @774 (Stuck) and Our Target 1 @775 booked profit Achieved ✔️

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