Top 6 Stocks in Focus for Intraday setup tomorrow aka 05-Aug-2021

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Top 6 Stocks in Focus for Intraday setup tomorrow aka 05-Aug-2021


     Indian Stock Market Update on : 04/August/2021

    Nifty 50 Closes @16,258.80 with +128.05 (0.79%)  today  
    Sensex Closes @54,369.77 with +546.41 (1.02%)  today  
    Nifty Bank Closes @36,028.05 with +820.60 (2.33%)  today   

    What should you do now for : 05-August-2021

    Well, these are the stocks selected from the Nifty Index after an in-depth analysis of tomorrow's trading setup.:-

    We are Facing Some technical error on our website! we request you to take Trade/Position for INDUSTOWER only & Ignore all trades given today. We also removed all the trades given below for the safety of our Fellow traders those who believe in us . We are Extremely sorry for this inconvenience caused  & we will make sure next time it won't happen. Be Patient & Wait for tomorrow's oppurtunity  alert-warning









    TARGET 1



    TARGET 2



    TARGET 3



    TARGET 4



    TARGET 5





    How to Trail your Stoploss?

    This is a secret part for a Professional trader to get Partial Profits or Trailing Stop loss Profits. The Best Part of this Strategy/Our Call that it will always end up with Consistent Profits rather than taking a big loss.

    👍Let's Understand this Concept with an example :-

    ✔️Suppose One of our above trade is activated @42 where Target 1 - @ 45 , Target 2 - @ 47 , Target 3 - @49, Target 4 - @51 & Stoploss - @ 39 However if the First target reaches  Target 1- @45  Book 50% Profit of your Quantity Example:-  Out of 100 book 50 Quantity as at the Moment Profits and Rest 50 Quantity trail to just below the Target 1, Around @43.
    and you can also book 75 Quantity or You can book full if your Quantity Amount is too big. It actually depends on your Greed or you can say Patience Power. In second scenario if Buy/sell price jumps then you can also take that trade & best part of it is that target and Stop loss will be same ! Avoid Big Gap Up/Down (like 1%) Opening if its Near Target 1 for buy/sell side. Suppose If It's a Big Gap Up opening then wait for the Sell Side Trade!  Same goes for the Gap Down Opening then wait for the Buy Side Trade! 

    Precautions For Intraday

    ✔️After  taking any positions from the given trade above always Trail your Stoploss to cost if it moves to the direction of the buy/sell target so trail your Stoploss to cost . What will be the price  if you don't know how to trail? Then here is an example suppose I gave a buy position to buy a stock @503 and stoploss @501  if it moves upward above @505  or the difference between  the buying price and the stoploss price just substract it like (503-501= 2) so now your trailing stoploss came to your buying price likewise If it moves of  2 points Upwards Trail your stoploss just below 2 Points & exactly same goes for the Sell Side.

    ✔️ However if Your Stop loss got Hit after taking a particular stock's trade then take the next trade on or after 9:30am.

    ✔️Always Check Market Depth for Buying & Selling Quantity for better knowledge & it will also help you if their is any institutional traps or operator traps !! For example If one of our trade activated on buy side but market depth is showing selling pressure with high quantity for selling so simply it's a trap and wait for Sell side entry. 

    The stock market always demands a sacrifice, and here sacrifice means money, it also takes time, effort, patience, study, hard work and knowledge to ensure that the most worthy can make a profit and the rest is their luck.

    Golden Rules For a Professional Trader?

    1.Always use your safe CAPITAL if you are willing to loose.✔️
    2.Wait for the right OPPORTUNITY✔️
    3.PATIENCE is the right key to SUCCESS✔️
    4.Think Big NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE. ✔️
    5.After getting PROFITS exit your trade & only use your profit amounts for the next TRADING SESSION


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    Thanks a tons for viewing this Post! we have a tendency to Hope this on top of Paragraph will assist you to require good entry for any particular stock & please Comment below if you would like any facilitate relating to to the Intraday. we are going to conjointly update concerning our targets within the below comment section. If you bought any Suggestions/Opinions be happy to drop a comment below!


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    1. Let's Talk About 05-AUG-2021 Performance:-

      INDUSTOWER : Sell Side Target 3 @194 & Buy Side Target 4 @216 Achieved & Turned out a 🌟BONUS TRADE🌟 ✔️

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