How to Become a Professional Trader with top 15 Golden Rules


How to Become a Professional Trader

Top 15 Golden Rules for becoming a Professional Trader

1. Always use your safe CAPITAL if you are willing to loose.✔️

2. Wait for the right OPPORTUNITY. ✔️

3. PATIENCE is the right key to SUCCESS. ✔️

4. Think Big NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE. ✔️

5. After getting PROFITS exit your trade & only use your profit amounts for the next TRADING Session. ✔️

6. When TRADING in the day, always choose the Stop loss and the target of the day's trading. Do not CHANGE this Stop loss during the day. When your stop loss is triggered, exit your position and prepare for a new trade for the next day. ✔️

7. Always remain OPTIMISTIC when trading on the stock market. The stock market can rise and fall at any time, and can remain volatile throughout the day. ✔️

8. When trading in the day, always try to LEARN from your losses and profits. Our technical experts suggest that you consider what went wrong or did it right on that day, and try to avoid the mistakes you might make again. ✔️

9. Trade with MARKET  TREND if Stock market is falling, sell first and buy later. ✔️

10. Always set daily PROFIT and LOSS goals based on your risk tolerance. Once your goals are achieved, exit all positions. Some traders have a profit target of 20,000/day, or risk traders may have a target of 2.00,000/day. Similarly, a trader will someday maintain a loss target of Rs 5,000 or Rs 20,000. By default, we recommend that you balance your position and close your trading for the day. ✔️

11. Don’t be GREEDY, Maintain your Greed by Booking your Profits at regular intervals. ✔️

12. Always limit trading and don't take excessive margin by calling a broker or depositing additional funds during the day. Excessive trading is a dangerous weapon of SELF-DESTRUCTION. ✔️

13. You should always ensure the safety of your EMERGENCY FUNDS and do not risk using your emergency funds on the stock exchange. Just like losing your hard-earned emergency funds, in a critical situation, your life with your family may be challenging when you need it. Money to pay for medical expenses etc. ✔️

14. PROFIT and LOSSES are the main part of intraday trading; you cannot always make a profit in daily trading on the stock exchange. If you lose money in the trading, please accept it and forget to lose money. You should stop thinking about failure, but you should always be aware of failed trading strategies on that day. ✔️

15. Put your mental EMOTIONS aside through intraday/Positional/Options trading and trade with your brain instead of your heart. We have always seen that when trading are performed from heart, you will always be the loser. ✔️

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