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Asia’s most expensive bridge, that’s nearly three miles long, connects a bustling city with an incredible island. The Yeongjong Grand Bridge only opened in 2000 after a five-year construction period and is the world’s first three-dimensional self-anchored suspension bridge

It cost the South Korean government a whopping £1.4 billion. On clear days it offers amazing views of the sea and islands along the coast.

Yeongjongdaegyo Bridge connects the mainland of Incheon with Yeongjongdo Island that is home to Incheon International Airport which serves Seoul, capital of South Korea.

Opening in 2001, the airport has become one of the largest and busiest in the world. Aviation authority Skytrax crowned it the third-best airport in the world this year and the most family-friendly.

The only way to get to and from Yeongjongdo Island previously had been by boat. Since the construction of the bridge Yeongjongdo Island has become a lively place to visit. The island boasts beautiful beaches and Seoul is just 30 minutes away.

Designed to withstand strong winds and earthquakes the bridge has double decks to carry a six-lane highway on the upper deck, a four-lane highway with dual rail lines on the lower deck and 10,000-ton ships can pass under the bridge.

Yeongjong Grand Bridge incorporates three different structural systems: Suspension bridge, truss bridge and steel box bridge.

The shape of the cable and the stiffened girder have been designed to symbolise the eaves of the traditional Korean Kiwa House, tile-roofed house.

In 2002, Yeongjongdaegyo Bridge won the Tanaka Award by the Japan Society of Civil Engineers for the first time in Korea.

Dense fog and strong winds occur frequently on Yeongjong Grand Bridge located on the sea.

Last year the driving surface of the joints on the bridge had deteriorated from steel corrosion due to heavy traffic as well as harsh marine envirmonemnt and needed to be be replaced.

To do this a new innovative method was used, which involved replacing the surface beams only, since the joints were still in good condition.

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